Why is digital awareness important?

Digital knowledge provides information about what customers want. Thanks to modern technology, companies no longer have to get ahead of what their customers want from them.

Why is digital awareness important?

Digital knowledge provides information about what customers want. Thanks to modern technology, companies no longer have to get ahead of what their customers want from them. Even social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have implemented business tools that provide the necessary information on customer behavior. Digital awareness is much more than just knowing how to use a computer.

Digital awareness means that one is able to understand and use technology in an increasingly interconnected world. Graduates entering the workforce must realize how their digital interactions (on social media, for example) can have a lasting impact on their personal and professional lives. This impact can be positive or negative. Many employers will conduct online research for potential new employees to ensure that there are no obvious red flags.

Images of parties with friends or the use of offensive and vulgar language on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can highlight harmful or destructive behavior. This involves developing skills and knowledge that allow them to navigate safely and to discern all forms of digital technology. Knowledge of these IT skills allows students to learn traditional subjects in an innovative way through educational courses and online resources. That's where awareness and education come into play.

We need to collectively do a better job of facilitating learning, remembering that each person will have different learning styles and circumstances, such as families to feed and mortgages to pay, meaning that going back to school isn't always the answer. With this increase in awareness and participation in digital skills, it is very likely that, gradually, the current workforce will begin to move towards improving their skills. Digital literacy skills allow us, as individuals and businesses, to stay ahead of the curve and, essentially, prepare for the future. They allow us to use technology to promote our cause and provide solutions when old business models no longer work in a digital world.

Regarding the digital awareness of companies, Doshlaku highlights: “I think that all current companies are digitally aware, but that's not enough. Advances in technology provide digital resources for curricula, which contribute significantly to digital literacy learning. In addition, Granit Doshlaku, co-founder and search director of Manaferra, a search engine marketing agency based on years of experience in the world of digital marketing, recognizes the crucial importance of digital awareness in today's business world. Introducing digital tools, applications and Internet platforms to your students helps close the digital divide that hinders performance.

As people become more digitally active across the country, it is even more crucial to test their level of digital literacy and helps them evaluate information online with the help of these resources. What this means is that, instead of schools teaching independent digital citizenship classes, a new digital literacy curriculum could be just around the corner. Conventional and digital literacy go hand in hand in the classroom, enriching students' creative thinking and integrating them into today's digital world. Once again, having digital literacy skills allows us to examine the wide range of digital platforms in order to use them efficiently to reach audience demographics.

In addition, digital technology education empowers and educates children by providing them with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing digital world. Digital skills are defined as the ability to find, evaluate, use, share and create content using digital devices, such as computers and smartphones. Harness your passion and knowledge by creating a digital literacy discussion group to help drive and inspire change while raising awareness about digital literacy throughout the school. .

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